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What can I do to help?

There are several things you can do to help
1) Click on the petition Heritage Pain in Australia and add your name.
2) Spread the word for other people to sign the Heritage Pain in Australia petition
3) Join the Facebook Group 'Heritage Pain in Australia' and most importantly if you have a Heritage Pain story (see below for an example), please share it in this Facebook Group. The more stories there are, the more proof we have that it really is a problem. 
4) Like the Facebook Page ' Heritage Pain in Australia

Some Heritage Pain Stories
Diana Anderson
'My mother and father worked very hard to buy the land and build the property which was completed in the early 50's. Dad has since died and Mum lives there alone ....... We had some independent Real Estate Agents value the property with and without the Heritage Listing on it, and they estimate that Mum will lose approximately $500,000 when she sells it, because of the heritage listing' (Productivity Commission, 2006, page 171, Box 7.3).

Saman Rahmani
'I purchased this house in good faith in October 1998 with no indication of any potential heritage listing. This house was and is the perfect candidate for demolishing and rebuilding. I would never have purchased this house if there was the slightest hint that it would have heritage significance ....... I have since obtained an official valuation for my property. It clearly indicates that if it becomes listed as a heritage item its value will drop by $170,000' (Productivity Commission, 2006, page 171, Box 7.3).

John and Janet Boyd
'.....we engaged the services of a fully qualified property surveyor at a cost of $700. His valuation put the value without heritage listing at $720,000, and with heritage listing at $600,000, a reduction of $120,000' (Productivity Commission, 2006, page 171, Box 7.3).

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